Why Us?

Who We Are…

SG Future Tennis aims to provide FRESH solutions to your tennis learning needs. On that note, we value creativity and innovation. We strive to provide a personalised holistic training programmes for all. To achieve that, we acknowledge individual uniqueness and preferences. 

We collaborate with our clients to plan training programmes. Clients’ comfort and meeting their expectations are our top priority. We intent to ensure effective learning of skills and technique that will lead to improvement in our clients’ game.  


What We Uphold…

We are committed to provide our service with S.E.R.V.E:

Sincere  – We provide from the heart and true to our words to bring about excellence.

Equal – We believe every individual can excel with the right mindset and direction.

Responsible – We make it our responsibility to lead others towards excellence.

Virtue – We remain virtuous by establishing trustful and respectful relationships.

Endurance – We endure and overcome challenges to achieve excellence.


How We Coach…

We adopt the Triple X approach on our journey towards tennis excellence:

Xplore – Xperience – Xcel

We encourage clients to dare to explore what we have to offer through our free trials. During which, we focus on techniques, tactics and conditioning in tennis. Free trials provide our coaches and clients with a general idea on their strengths and weaknesses in their game. 

This exploration session ends with an open discussion on developing a personalised holistic training programme for our clients.  Hence, should clients choose to engage our services, the programme would have been co-developed by the coach and themselves.  The objective of this co-creation process is to ensure that the client(s) are comfortable and confident in what has been laid out for them.

Next, we prepare our clients to be game to experience our tennis lessons. During the lessons, our coach will conduct tennis lessons with S.E.R.V.E; Sincere, Equal, Responsible, Virtue, Endurance. These are values which we demonstrate and also hope to enhance in both our junior and senior players.

In our training, we do not chase for perfection. Instead, we believe that dedication to practice and willingness to strive for excellence will lead to continuous improvement and progress. Learning is a lifelong journey and tennis is the perfect sport to provide the opportunity for continuous learning.

With that, we hope to be the providers of our clients’ tennis learning solutions. Additionally, we also hope to establish a long lasting friendship. A friendship, in which we  intent to share and promote fitness and health through the physical, mental and emotional gains of tennis.