Tennis Self-discipline Tip

Staying Focus

Self-discipline in tennis is very similar to any other aspects of the game. It can be nurtured and perfected. Being focus is the key to acquiring self-discipline in tennis. There will always be temptations to quit or to stay within one's comfort zone. However, for one to experience improvement in their game, it is important to practice commitment to self-discipline. There are two types of players on-court. One, players can be on-court and simply go through the momentum of training. Two, players can be focussed in and consistently pushing themselves to pay attention to every shot despite the exhaustion. There are several ways in which players can exert focus on:

Withstanding from reverting to old habits

As part of training, coaches will point out aspects of your game that needs improvement. Players should not demonstrate these changes only in their first few shots. Additionally, they should not revert back to their old ways due to comfort. Though changing on-court behavior is difficult, it is possible. Especially when players develop mental toughness and continue to be focus on how they are carrying out their action on-court.

Enduring through repetitive training

It is a norm for coaches to make players carry out repetitive shots in order to improve. This exercise may be boring and tiring. It is however important in making the movement part of the players’ game. Hence it is important for players to practice endurance to overcome the temptation to give up. Endurance is also needed when it comes to practicing specific pattern of play. A pattern of play may be less desirable especially when compared to those that are easier to carry out.

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