Tennis Attire

Importance of Attire

The International Tennis Federation (ITF) sets rules of tennis regarding proper attire in order to prevent unnecessary injury and as well as to enhance the performance and comfort of players while playing tennis. When choosing what to wear, it is important that players outweigh the need to be practical over being fashionable.

When playing outdoors, players are highly encouraged to wear a hat, a visor or a headband to shield or protect your eyes from the sun. Though these items are not required, wearing either of these items helps in ensuring that players do not get blinded by the sun which can result in poor performance. Furthermore, the hat and headband will reduce the chance of players from being irritated by their own sweat. Additionally, players can also wear sweatbands on the wrist. The wristbands help to wipe away perspiration from the eyes when serving or preparing to receive serve.

T-shirts, be it with or without sleeves will help in regulating your body temperature and make you feel comfortable throughout a game or match. It is advisable for one to choose a shirt that does not restrict their movement because of it being too tight or too loose. Do note that not all courts allow for sleeveless shirts, hence do check out their rules and regulations before playing. Additionally, depending on the climate of where the player live, if it is cool, warm-up suits are recommended when entering and leaving. However these suits should not be worn while playing since the player’s body will warm up with all the running and swinging.

Men’s Attire

For men, the main concern would be to be able to move freely and to be able to keep cool. Hence it is advisable to avoid t-shirts that is 100% cotton as they retain sweat and will stick to the body. Tennis shirts today are tend to be made of synthetic fabrics, which offers the comfort of the cotton without being wet from sweat. Furthermore, such fabrics enhance movement and feels lighter. Tennis shirts are paired with tennis shorts. Tennis shorts are investments as they are usually specially made to wick away perspiration and to provide ease of movement. Players should select shorts that have pockets in order to store spare balls when serving.

Women’s Attire

For woman, they have a choice between shorts and tennis skirts. Players should consider the comfort, practicality and freedom of movement that their attire provides. Tank tops are usually acceptable in most courts and can be paired with a tennis skirt. A one-piece tennis dress is also trendy and comfortable outfit when playing. However, players will need a ball clip to attach to the waistband if they wear a skirt or a tennis dress. Sports bra is another essential item for women, as it provides support and comfort.

Kids’ Attire

For kids, simply make sure that they are wearing fitting or slightly loose sports attire so the child will be able to enjoy his or her game in comfort.


Footwear is very important in tennis. Players, be it adults or kids, are constantly on the move; running, stopping, sliding, diving and even dragging the toe across the ground when serving. Hence the footwear chosen need to be durable, comfortable, supportive and well ventilated. Different players requires different support from their footwear. Though sports shoes may suffice for most players, a footwear specifically designed for tennis would be considered a good investment. Since tennis is an high impact sport for the feet and ankle, both men and women should choose cushioned socks in order to increase support and comfort and most importantly prevent BLISTERS! Ouch!

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