Cardio Tennis / Social Tennis

About Cardio Tennis / Social Tennis

Social Tennis aka Cardio tennis is a great way to get into a more active lifestyle and meet new people. All these are done through tennis inspired life fitness and cardio exercises workout.

Cardio Tennis is conducted in small groups and can be pitched at any playing level. In other words, it is suitable for anyone looking for a fun way to interact with others outside the gym. As a result, socializing happens while participants maintain their fitness by burning calories.

Increase Life Fitness

First and foremost, we need time to focus and develop cardio exercises to be included in our workout routine. During which, we should keep our heart pumping so that blood will flow well to our vital organs.  No doubt, this will help maintain our life fitness and keep us healthy.

Our worst enemy besides stress, is the food that we eat daily. This is especially so for people who want to maintain their weight, gain weight and also lose weight. Hence why we will involve you in the planning of a cardio fitness routine, to combine your fitness needs and the beautiful game of tennis.

Social and Cardio Tennis

Tennis Inspired Cardio Exercises Workout

When people hear ‘Cardio Tennis’, they might think that some tennis knowledge is needed for participation. The truth is, you don’t need any kind of knowledge about tennis to do cardio tennis. Reason being, it is simply cardio exercises on the tennis court.

These exercises mimics the movement of players playing tennis and involve tennis equipment. Often, they are conducted along with entertaining music in the background to inject fun.

Cardio Tennis aka Social Tennis combines the best features of the sport, tennis, with cardiovascular exercises. This combination is delivered in the ultimate, full body, calorie burning aerobic workout. It is very similar to interval training which is periods of high intensity followed by short periods of rest.

Benefits of Cardio Tennis / Social Tennis

  1. FUN with plenty of opportunities to socialize through collaborative workouts!
  2. A full body, calorie burning aerobic workout – Experience continuous elevation of heart rates.
  3. Consistency that will aid in the maintenance of good blood pressure and cholesterol level as well as increase in lungs capacity.
  4. Men burn around 700-800 calories & women 600 – 700 calories! This activity burns more calories than singles or doubles tennis.
  5. Pick up and improve skills in tennis such as footwork, strokes and volleys.
  6. Part of training for tennis in terms of stamina, agility and balance.
  7. Cardio Tennis aka Social Tennis Lessons are available for a minimum of 2 and maximum of 6 persons.

Book a trial Cardio Tennis aka Social Tennis Lesson with us today! Firstly, you will discover the beauty of burning calories on the tennis court. Secondly, you will learn the school of running in tennis. Last but not least, you will see improvement in your technical, tactical and mental toughness.

Tennis Lessons Registration

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