Family Tennis Lessons

About Family Tennis Lessons

An opportunity for a memorable and enjoyable time for members of a family to participate in a sports activity together. Register for family tennis lessons. Learning tennis Singapore allows family members to progress together in this beautiful sport while having fun on the tennis court. Parents, along with their kids will find this experience, family tennis lessons, enriching as it promotes family bonding. We will use interesting and fun technical drills to learn the basics strokes and also use fun and challenging games among yourselves.

Family Learning – Physical, Technical, Tactical and Mental Skills

Types of Physical Skills:

  • Spatio-Temporal Orientation
  • Reaction Time Response
  • Hand and Eye Coordination
  • School of Running and Footwork in Tennis
    • Learning to run on your toes
    • Difference between easy running and sprint
    • The impulse of power for starting the sprint
    • Split steps
    • Skipping
  • Motion warm ups and gymnastics warm ups
  • Mini-turtles jumps
  • Change of directions on the tennis court
    side steps
  • Karaoke steps
  • Fast feet
  • Hop steps
  • Cool down stretching
  • Speed, Agility and Balance


Types Of Technical Skills:

  • Learning the Ready Position In Tennis
  • Accommodation With The Tennis Ball and Tennis Racket
  • Handle Grips for All types Of  Strokes
  • Standing Positions for Groundstrokes and Serve
  • Basic Groundstrokes: Forehand and Backhand
  • Volleys
  • Half Volleys
  • Overheads: Smash
  • Lobs
  • Drop Shots
  • Approach Shots
  • Serve: Flat Serve,Slice Serve,Topspin Serve
  • Return of Serve

Types of Tactical Skills:

  • percentage tennis
  • risk and reward
  • low risk
  • medium risk
  • high risk
  • single shot
  • dual shot
  • multiple shots

Types of Mental Toughness:

  • Positive Physical Response
  • Positive Self Talking
  • Cut Contact
  • Control Of Eyes
  • Rituals
  • Focus
  • Awareness
  • Breath Out At Contact
  • Accepting Victory
  • Handling Defeat

Tennis Lesson Registration

Alternatively, you can WhatsApp us directly at +6596166503 to make a booking or seek further clarifications.

The tennis lessons can be conducted all over Singapore including at your door steps. Minimum of 2 persons and maximum 6 for these types of lessons. Do not hesitate and book a free family trial lesson with us! Start learning tennis together as a family. Join us on a nice nice tennis journey. People of all ages are welcomed in this journey of learning tennis.