Kids Tennis Lessons

Learning and Development Opportunities for Kids!

Physical, Technical, Tactical & Mental Skills

Your little boys and girls already have some qualities from birth. Therefore as a parent you are their guide into this world. In other words you are responsible in ensuring that they get the opportunities to try and experience different types of activities. For example, you can sign them up in Kids Tennis Lessons.

Consequently, this will allow them to discover their preferences and develop themselves holistically; physically, mentally as well as socially. It is important that you take up the role of an observe and allow them to make their choices on which sport that they like.

Having been given the responsibility for their own learning, ensures that they remain motivated to want to learn and practice in the future. Additionally, this aids in nurturing a sense of responsibility as they have been given the task of taking charge in their own learning.

Kids are continuously physically growing till the age of 18 years old. Hence till then, parents are responsible for their growth in terms of ensuring that they carry out activities that allow for them to build very nice body muscle structures.

A good physical development is vital for their future health as well as for their future success in life. In other words, if you succeed in your job as a parent, your kid will succeed too.  Furthermore, you will feel fulfilled and happy when you see your child healthy, smart and full of energy.

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Learning and Development of Physical Skills For Your Child

Spatio-Temporal Orientation

Having both of these two qualities, your kid can relate and respond very well to different circumstances. Additionally, he/she will become more aware of the connection of his/her body, mind and soul as well as space and time.

Reaction Time Response

We will introduce interesting and fun drills through challenging games. This approach is targeted to improve your child timing in his/her reactions.

Hand and Eye Coordination

We will also introduce interesting and fun drills through games to your kid. This approach will help him/her to increase his/her connection between time, space, eyes and hands. Examples of such actions will be throwing and catching.

Learn the School of Running and Footwork in Tennis

We will introduce challenging and fun footwork drills to your kid. This helps your kid to learn fundamental movements and the combination between lateral, backwards and forward movements on the tennis court.

Example of Fundamental Movements

  • Learning to run on their toes
  • Difference between easy running and sprint
  • The impulse of power for starting the sprint
  • Split steps
  • Skipping
  • Motion warm ups and gymnastics warm ups
  • Mini-turtles jumps
  • Change of directions on the tennis court
  • Side steps
  • Karaoke steps
  • Fast feet
  • Hop steps
  • Cool down stretching
  • Speed, agility and balance

The above are important skills a child would need to develop to become a professional tennis player.

Types Of Technical Skills For Your Kid To Learn

  • Learning the Ready Position In Tennis
  • Accommodation With The Tennis Ball and Racket
  • Handle Grips for All types Of  Strokes
  • Standing Positions for Groundstrokes and Serve
  • Basic Groundstrokes –  Forehand and Backhand
  • Volleys
  • Half Volleys
  • Overheads –  Smash
  • Lobs
  • Drop Shots
  • Approach Shots
  • Serve – Flat serve, slice serve, top spin serve
  • Return of serve

We will introduce a combination of interesting and fun drills to your kid to learn all the strokes mentioned above. When your kid has developed his/her physical and technical skills in tennis, we then work on developing his/her tactical options. Additionally, we can increase his/her tactical awareness with a combination of drills depending of different game situations.

Examples of tactical skills for your child to learn 

  • Percentage tennis
  • Risk and reward
  • Low risk
  • Medium risk
  • High risk
  • Single shot
  • Dual shot
  • Multiple shots

After your child learned some tactical skills in the game of tennis, he/she is then ready to prepare for and participate in tennis tournaments or challenge kids of the same age. However, he/she needs to be Mentally Prepared.

Examples Of Mental Toughness for your Child

  • Positive Physical Response
  • Positive Self Talking
  • Cut Contact
  • Control Of Eyes
  • Rituals
  • Focus
  • Awareness
  • Breath Out At Contact
  • Accepting Victory
  • Handling Defeat

Tennis is for all ages and a social activity for a workout and game.Therefore also adults and seniors are welcome to learn the beautiful game of tennis

Types of Kids Tennis Lessons

Private Tennis Lessons

For toddlers and kids from the age of 3 till 17 years old

Your kid will have all the attention on him/her. He or she will to be able to learn about this beautiful game faster. We will use interesting and fun technical drills as well as challenging games during which your kid will play against the coach himself.

Duo Tennis Lessons

For toddlers and kids from the age of 3 till 17 years old

A nice and fun opportunity for 2 siblings or 2 close friends to learn about this beautiful sport together. We will not only introduce technical drills but also interesting and fun challenging games for them to work and learn in pairs.

Group Tennis Lessons for Kids

Group are made up of a minimum of 3 and maximum of  6 kids

This is a nice way for your kids to connect with their closest friends or family. Consequently, they can bond while learning about the sport  kids together. We will introduce interesting and fun technical drills as well as challenging games to your kids to acquire the relevant skills that they need to master the game of tennis.

Additionally, since parents are the ones who provide this opportunity for their kids, we also plan to take parents’ involvement to another level. We will also plan training sessions where parents themselves get physically involved in their kids’ training by participating in training games.

As a result not only will the kids learn and acquire skills while having fun, the parents will also get the opportunity to have fun and make learning a memorable experience for their kids.

Individual/Group Tennis Lessons

For High Performance

A very nice opportunity for your kids to grow in performance in this sport. He/She can develop in this aspect of the sport individually or with other kids who are at the same skill level. In other words, these types of tennis lessons are meant to prepare and train your kid(s) to participate in tennis tournaments.

The focus of a high performance training will be on maintaining and improving their technical skills that they have acquired. Additionally, they also be introduced to new tactical drills in different circumstances of a match. This will be done through challenging game that is targeted to improve their mental strengths in order to push them to attain wins in tournaments.

You never know that your kids might be up and coming face of Singapore’s Future in tennis. So lets get them interested in tennis now!