Trial Tennis Lesson

Not sure if…

You even like tennis?

We are the right fit for you?

The coach and you will be able to click?

You would enjoy a tennis lesson?

It will be too physically demanding?

The commitment expected is too much?


Contact Us! 

Find out more about our Trial Tennis Lessons.

In other words, give us the opportunity to S.E.R.V.E with you! 

Let us show you how beneficial and fun tennis can be!

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Book an Trial Tennis Lesson. Enjoy the Triple X experience with us @ 60% off the original price. Additionally, receive a $10 voucher which you can use to book a lesson/package with us!

Types of Tennis Lessons $ Types of Tennis Lessons $
Kids Private Tennis 30 Adult Private Tennis 36
Kids Duo Tennis 40 Adult Duo Tennis 44
Kids Trio Tennis 48 Adult Trio Tennis 52
Kids Group of 4 Tennis 56 Adult Group of 4 Tennis 64
Kids Group of 5 Tennis 70 Adult Group of 5 Tennis 80
Kids Group of 6 Tennis 84 Adult Group of 6 Tennis 96

Trial Lesson Registration

Alternatively, you can WhatsApp us directly at +6596166503 to make a booking or seek further clarifications.


Please remember to quote the promotion code if you wish to use a promotion offered to you.


Payment and mode of payment will be advised upon confirmation of of the trial lesson.